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tio2-meeting-preview-web.png 21 February 2018

Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic (SCHP ČR), Czech  Association of  Nanotechnology  Industry  (ANP ČR) and  Czech Association of  Applied   Photocatalysis (ČSAF)  organized  Interactive meeting on TiO2 safety and suggested mandatory parameters for consideration of reliability of toxicological studies. The meeting was organised in connection with the RAC Opinion proposing harmonised classification and labelling of titanium dioxide at EU level.

The invited speakers were  Prof. Harald F Krug, Empa, International Research Cooperations Manager NanoCASE GmbH St. Gallen, Switzerland; Jan Prochazka, Ph.D.; Czech Association  of  Applied Photocatalysis , Dr. David B. Warheit, The Chemours Company, USA , Technical Fellow, Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Dr. Rodger Battersby, EBRC Consulting GmbH, Hannover, Germany, toxicology expert in TDMA, Dr. David Lockley,  Venator Materials Plc,  Product Defence and Toxicology Manager, Global Product EHS an  Prof. Damjana Drobne, University of Ljubljana, Head of the Research group for Nanobiology and Nanotoxicology at Biotechnical Faculty.

Introduction and Speakers

Position of Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic (SCHP ČR), Czech  Association of  Nanotechnology Industry (ANP ČR) and Czech Association of Applied Photocatalysis (ČSAF) on the RAC Opinion suggesting  harmonized classification and labelling of titanium dioxide (TiO2 )  at the EU level.

Protection against extreme concentrations of dust and prolonged exposure of lungs is already provided to all EU citizens via occupational safety legislation.

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