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About the Society

The Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis was founded on June 17, 2013 and registered with the Prague Magistrate's Office on August 22, 2013.

The foundation and activities of the Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis arise from the need for and the pursuit of a system that simplifies the commercialization of new technical solutions and new products based on those technologies. The Society aims primarily to develop the fundamentals and conditions for bringing new products to market. The goal is not simply promoting manufacturers and their products, but to establish rules and processes guaranteeing that products actually have their claimed properties, have proven, stable effectiveness during their period of use, fulfill technical norms and specification and do not endanger public health or the environment.

The activities of the Society are mainly carried on by three committees of experts, grouped into

  • A committee for certification
  • A committee for testing, and
  • A committee for technical standards.

The Society also has a Scientific Council, which is its advisory body for resolving technical issues.

The Committees and the Council are open to all those who are interested in actively participating in the fulfillment of the goals of the Society.

CSAP is a member of the European Photocatalysis Federation.